The Nerds And The Needs.

There are a myriad of things that we need. A place to live, transportation whether a vehicle, bike or a bus pass, food and drink, air to breathe, and some degree of human interaction. I feel like that’s all our basic human needs covered. But what I want to talk about are the other needs that, left unattended, begin causing a crater in our psyches that throw shiznit off. Allow me to explain.

The person that needs to feel she’s worth something and if that doesn’t happen soon, the well planned out suicidal exit is about to take place. Whether they get shot a smile that day or a co-worker enquires about their life or a typically pesky door to door salesman comes a knockin’ and simply that brief interactive conversation is enough to stop them from physical harm or worse.

In my life I believe my strongest need, though I won’t kill myself over it not being satisfied, is having my writing acknowledged. As lame as my second marriage was the one thing she did right was give feed back, both good and bad, about my writing projects and my blogging. I recently had a work colleague whom I was able to share a lot of my stuff with including new projects including them as a fictional character in it. It all sat for weeks with them until the point where I felt it was pulling teeth to get any feedback let alone readership so I asked for it back. This stuff is almost more important than my own children in the sense that these are my personal thoughts and creations. What I write is my baby and for that not to be treated importantly I cannot tolerate.

So that’s my biggest need at the moment and long term as there’s constantly new material to be discussed. What’s your most neglected need in your life? A spouses understanding? A child lost from the calling on their life? A simple hug? Someone to make you smile ’cause it’s been longer than you can remember? A hundred dollar bill inside a well wish card? Freedom from an addiction? To be made love to? To have someone simply listen?

Myriad. Plethora. Either of these massive words fits for the amount and variety of needs on each of our hearts at this very moment. What about the reversal? The need is to be a giver/fulfiller? Somebody who’s own personal need is met by answering the silent cry of another. That’s a blessed place to be. Anointed as though some Need Whisperer, touching those on a daily basis, guided by an unforeseen force.

I want acknowledgement yes, but I’m now more inspired than ever to give more than caring that I receive. My time will come, I’m not super concerned but there are so many other needs that any one of us can meet, even in a stranger. The crater in my head will gouge another one hundredth of a millimeter but life will go on.

To quote Lieutenant Spock at the end Star Trek 2: “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” Touche, Spock.

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