Things hold us back all the time. Sleeping through the alarm. The extra long red light. The long ass line at the grocery store. A kids mess. A headache. All this stuff is accidental or miniscule in the grand picture that is life. We can’t plan for these mini events but we respond easily and quickly to them due to the muscle memory of facing hundreds of them already. The greater, ingrained hold backs are what I want to focus on for a few minutes, if you will indulge me.

These things are the self-made prisons we’ve created for ourselves to live in unhappily ever after and they are heavies. Addiction. Poor body image. Poverty. Depression. The anchors that weigh us down. They have us chained by the foot and walking in circles never getting anywhere. We still have hopes and dreams but these bondages have us locked in our cramped little cell, without freedom and unallowed to be us.

I’ve been there with addiction. And with addiction opened the door to poor body image and near depression. And come to bloody think of it, I’ve never lived in poverty persay but constantly feeding my addiction definitely robbed me of a financially successful way of living for a decent period of time. This is eye opening for me, to come at this wanting to dissect these subcategories and to realize how often intertwined they all can present themselves in someones life. It’s downright scary.

The clichèd statement is a hundred percent reality. “You’re your own worst enemy.” Nobody holds me down like I do. Nobody has the power to but I certainly and sadly do. There’s a spirituality to it as well, that the enemy which is the devil loves watching us spin our tires. He gets immense pleasure in knowing we are wasting time and not living in our calling, our blessing. Running in circles in the dark is not where we want to be.

To wear a pair of concrete slippers like these firstly is you gotta own them. Yes, they are a problem and they are weighing you down. No more denials. Denial was on trial for a while but not any more. Guilty as charged. You never wear them with pride but you have to acknowledge they’re on you pretty snug.

Seeing them is ugly and you’re gonna wanna take them off. Thing is there’s no dissolvant for them. You can’t just snap your fingy’s and voila you can run again. Use your noodle. Find a decent sledgehammer and begin the brutal journey that is freeing yourself. You gotta put in the work. The sweat. You don’t wanna do this and nobody is making you do it but guess what, sons and daughters? You have to do it. You know you do.

And then there you are, sitting exhausted in a pile of dust but your stinky feet are free of the concrete slippers. It wasn’t easy and took way longer then you imagined and now you’re on the other side, free. You don’t need to feel trapped or alone. I can always be reached by email or by commenting a thread. I’ve been there and I will never let the concrete set again.

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