Soon this guy will be 44. Kind of a cool number if it wasn’t so old. Fact of the matter is that if I make it to 88, which I guarantee you I won’t, then my life is officially half over. Nothing super scary about that notion, I’m mature enough to handle it. For me I might as well be turning zero because this year my life is about to begin.

Fact 1-My writing will take off.

It’s discouraging news that people with broader social network reach have been blogging less than me and are making at least what my menial day job provides. This will no longer be some elusive goal that I will one day reach. That day is this year. This is fact, friends. I can’t really grasp the concept of working from home and doing what I love but it actually is a thing and soon I’ll be amidst its sexy embrace.

Fact deuce-My fat is melting off.

This factoid is not a down-the-road thing, it’s happening now, gosh darnit. I’ve lost 9 lbs over the past I wanna say 11 days, maybe 10. Too long have I been stuck in this bizarre place of being a big fatty. Big I like but muscle big, not beer belly man boobs big. Say that 8 times fast. Anywho, the road is lengthy with 40 to 50 more pounds to go but I’m walking the walk, not hopeful for some day.

Fact 3-Less to no kids is coming.

I mean due to my daughters medical and special needs they will no doubt stay in the nest a few years past 18 but it’s definitely on my radar that a day will come where I have a quiet house and a freedom I’ve forgotten about many many Mondays ago. Today I can’t fathom that as I am still in the thick of being a full-time parent to two needy teens but it’s slowly creeping into my line of vision. Extensive travel? Surely. Walking around the house naked? Sure.. wait, I already do that. Sometimes. And no not in front of the kids, ya pervert.

I think that’s all for facts. Felt like there was more when I started this but I mean those are the basics. January was a month of aligning things but not quite breaking free. I managed to stay away from dating sites which has given me a weird yet enjoyable peace after seeking what was always unattainable and I’ll leave that one there. In January I have done what I wanted to do for two years now and that’s lose weight. It feels amazing to be in control of an aspect of your life that seemed out of control for so very long.

Now I know what you’re thinking. OK Boomer, amirite? One foot in front of the other, compadre. And remind me, yes, because I need them reminders. It’s easy to see so much distance in front of me and forget how far I’ve already come. Moving forward. Moving forward. Moving firearms forward. Guns a blazin’.

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