Eff Keto. Hello Krisb.

We’ve all heard of the keto diet unfortunately but have you heard of the krisb (pronounced krispy..) diet? It’s sweeping households near me. What it basically entails is starving yourself all day long combining periods of intermittent fasting with a diet of fruits, veggies and liquids. Then at supper you have a regular meal, a smart one but still a full meal deal and that’s it. Needing a small snack later? It’s allowed because in the twelve days I’ve been on this kick I’ve lost ten pounds. Fat? Muscle? Who knows but I have enough of both to go round so I’m not consoyned.

Years ago when I lost 50 pounds I was counting calories and in the gymnasium hardcore. This time around I can’t do the gym so much due to the bloody plantar fasciitis situation in my feet, preventing me from any leg work or cardio. I’m lifting 4 to 5 days a week (back, arms, chest, shoulders) which helps the burn but not optimal. With any diet you reach peaks and valleys, sometimes stuck at a plateau for weeks before pushing through and carrying on with the flab drop. This is hopefully my ace in my back pocket.. that when I start to plateau I will be able to do more in the gym. Body logic 101.

Cheats are acceptable too though always limited. For examps I had Pizza Hut a couple nights ago but instead of having 4 or 5 pieces and bread sticks and pop I had 2 slices and a salad. Today for a much craved and dare I say deserved snack I had a double C burger from McDonkles. It was greasy and delicious though it did cause a pang of guilt coursing through my veins (or that was probably the cholesterol). Either way I instantly regretted the purchase and will now go five solid days consuming the healthiest shiznit known to woman. Let me be on the roll I am.

I’m experiencing regular headaches and I attribute that to the lack of carbs and possibly meat. I consume next to no dairy during this waltz with fat dissolution but I do crave it. Ice cold whole milk, yogurt, cheese (cottage or otherwise) etcetera. Me lovey. But me divorcey, with the notion of rekindling our romance at a later stage in this thing called lifey.

Typically my work lunch (to be consumed in 2 meals) looks like this: a salad, 2 apples, 2 bananas, a smoothie, apple sauce. Sometimes I’ll throw in a noodle soup or just broth. Sometimes I’ll double down on the salads. Once I snuck in a serving point 5 of yogurt, can you believe the audacity?! Now I should also mention that on my 2 days off I have been eating a solid meal at lunch, call it a cheat if you want but all a dignified part of the krisb diet.

Suppers I try to keep relatively light and at this point with my shrunken tummy any food is quickly filling. Chicken and potatoes, fish and rice, stuff of this nature. I had scrambled eggs, 2 bacon and a pancake the other night and was quite the satisfied costumer. Heck, even a chicken salad sandwich and a small bowl of mushroom soup found its way into my belly the other evening. True story.

I’d like to introduce the occasional protein shake into the mix soon as I do realize I’m losing some muscle mass along this journey. But the basis remains.. what I’m doing is friggin working and who am I to mess with that? With I’d say three to four more months of this I definitely have to continually sharpen my willpower. There’s no quit in the word acquittal so therefore there’s no failing for this gentle soul. I can’t quite see the end but I’m liking watching the numbers on the scale consistently dwindle. It warms the cockles of my heart.

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