Undeniably Indubidable.

Ever look yourself in the fat face and ask “What’s my deal?”. I mean verbally I can’t say that I have but subconsciously, absolutely. In those moments I’ve been known to question pretty much everything about myself save my sexuality because some things are completely in order, if you catch my driftiness. Things like am I happy, do I like myself today, am I living out my purpose, am I loved.. these are the questions worth questioning, without the use of words. Still with me?

You know your look. It’s the one that stares back at you from the mirror. One glance and you know you aren’t up to par. Sometimes I pretend I’m in a movie and the mirror is me but I’m having conversations with it/me, as though we are twins. No I don’t but you can see where I’m going with this. Similar to the Flintstones with an angel Fred on one shoulder and a Fred straight outta hellifax on the other. Remember that little green Kazoo guy? He was fun wasn’t he? Anywho.

Voices are involved on a regular basis. It’s important to listen to the right one at the right time, am I right? For examps the wrong voice might say “you shouldn’t leave the house today ’cause you look plain ugly”. If you don’t listen and go to work nothing can save you. You officially look straight up homely all day. However if you listen and do some quick tweaking whether some cold tea bags to the under eyes or whatever you need to do then problem solved, son. Or step-daughter.

A person simply and indubidably needs to make changes. You need to shut your voices the heck up or tone them down. The bad ones anyway. And hone your skillset in determining the good from the bad. The previous voice I outlined could be construed as good because it is helpful. It brings attention to a neglected area. Sharpen yourself to differentiate. Ya, you.

And for goodness sakes, take care of those bags under your eyes. Puffy eyes on a puffy face equals puffy sadness and puffy exclusion from the unpuffy world. See what I was doing? I was using my literal voice, albeit my typing voice, to gauge a response. It was a test and I’m honored to say you passed. You said nope, I’m not listening to this crap from this loser and you didn’t and I wanna shake your hand.

Learn to forgive yourself. Maybe things have been rough since you can remember and you don’t like your reflection in the least. You wish you would but you can’t. Maybe it’s about your direct appearance. Maybe it’s about what lies beneath. The two lives you’ve been living. The ugly goes very deep and it’s understandable not wanting to see or acknowledge where you are in life. And realizing this is the first step towards something better so chin up.

You can’t always love your reflection but that doesn’t mean your reflection doesn’t love you. It sees into you and through you. It sees where you’ve been and knows where you’re going and it digs that immensely. It’s proud of you. Consider this the next time the shower steam dissipates and you and your beautiful bod are faced with what’s looking back.

Consider Papa Smurf. He had everything going for him. Power. Prestige. Dominion. A beard. Smurfette. Nothing got him down until frikkin Brainy Smurf invented the mirror and Papa hated what he saw. But see he refused to live like that, cowering from some crazy reflective glass thingy. So one day, in front of the entire Smurf kingdom, he looked himself in the mirror, raised his two middle fingers and screamed “Smurf you, Reflection!” And you know what? From that day forward mirrors were his friend. True story.

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