#maybeweneededthis (covid-19).

Spring 2020: these are the days of uncertainty. This is an unprecedented time in all of mankind. It is fairly brutal and unrelenting. Seemingly, there is no end to it. It’s all so unsettling. But maybe this is exactly what civilization needed.

In a dog eat pup fast food kinda world we live in we all know we need a vacation. Burning the proverbial candle at both ends soon causes burnt fingers and hollowed souls. Instead of us being smart and taking a week off it is being forced on us and as good medicine, not being something to panic about. I love going to the movies or getting a haircut or sitting down in a nice restaurant as much as the next gal over but maybe household solitude with those that love you the most is the biggest blessing you couldn’t have asked for.

And as lame as it is to walk up and down the grocery aisles and they’re out of items myself or my girls wanted, it’s become a bit of a satisfying game now. Each time we’d stop somewhere they didn’t have Lindsey’s fav cereal. Then yesterday they did and she might as well have won the lottery. Same thing with me finding fresh chicken; like a nugget of gold if this were 1885. The little things, they say.

And the craziest part of this whole thing is I, in my entry level job a 16 year old can easily do, find myself as one of the heroes of the community, if you will. In this current civilization the dentists and the lawyers are expendable. Just like the doctors and nurses, as a grocer I find myself one of the most needed extensions of survival available and it feels good. Right up there too are the gas jockeys and delivery drivers, menial jobs I’ve all had at one time. Humbly, it is a great place to find oneself.

What about the days when this virus has blown over? The celebrations will be insane! Everything we’ve taken from granted will have a new found pleasure to it like never before. From a simple hug to trip to the dentist to children returning to school.. everything will be seen as a gift, temporarily any way. The pleasure of borrowing a book or stepping foot back into your gym will give us smiles for days. What can you imagine to be reunited with on that day coming soon?

I’m not saying for a cotton pickin’ minute that I’m enjoying this bloody time in which we live. It’s so much larger than us; this is truly something out of a sci-fi novel. But as always we really should try and focus on the ‘goods’. Sure, there’s a floaty invisible monster trying to attack you and your family around every corner but A) we’re too smart for it and B) life is still going on amidst these dire days. Don’t let the monster eat you. That is all.

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