At some point we’re all going to be sick of hearing about the coronavirus. “Day 119, folks. We’ve now discovered that washing solely your fingertips in hot oil is all you need to do to survive this nightmare. Tune in tomorrow to learn about how the oraguntan could be our best defense.” But for now I think we’re okay with it bombarding us from every which way. We need to continue this crazy crash course in where the numbers are at, vaccine updates and more videos to distract us just a little bit. And as time progresses and this virus doesn’t go away just yet, the world will like never before be hungry for entertainment. I suggest we get on that now.

Like most of the rest of the world movie shoots have temporarily shut down, as is with television series’ and the like. Luckily, I’m not a big TV guy minus watching the occasional movie but hundreds of millions of peeps have their shows they watch weekly so this blackout will be quite shocking to them. Included are sports fans, too. If nothing new is made months and months from now what will these people do? I mean they will survive but why not survive in style, huh? This isolation and the general life-as-we-know-it lockdowns really suck so why not make the best of what’s left of our freedom/freedom of expression?

Here’s what I’m proposing. Everyone with a creative bone in their backside should be writing, firstly. What better time to finally get that idea down on paper and flesh it out until you have a full-on story in the making? So while the writers keep writing we need camera savvy folks to work alongside the writers and talk about what they would like to see scene by scene. Next we need the ‘look at me’ type personalities or actors as Hollywood calls them. The rest of the equation is simple rudimentary mathematics: make the best possible movies/TV shows/webisodes using whatever means you can and get it out there on the interwebs. Have fun with it and let it show.

Sounds awfully familiar though doesn’t it? I believe the title YouTube comes to mind. And aren’t 500 TV channels with re-runs of shows and old movies on cable and Netflix enough for the average consumer until this virus blows over? Maybe but relevant entertainment, much like the news, is needed. Web series’ talking about the coronavirus and I’m not talking about documentaries. Sitcoms, romcoms, dramas, horrors, you name it. Anything new and anything creative and fresh. Obviously other topics too but you know what I’m saying. Wait.. do I know what I’m saying? Seldomly. But seriously.

There has never been (and will never again be) such an important time for the internet. The irony is I’m the guy that will tell you the internet/technology is the devil and it will one day implode and we will be temporarily terrified but the world will be a better place. But today is not that day and today is the day to not only embrace it but by whatever means you can capitalize on it. The world is a big place and we can only imagine experiencing this coronavirus without finger touch connections like our cell phones and computers. It would be so much worse, right? Everyone is watching it. Everyone is online. They were before but they really are now.

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