The Rapture Of Spring.

A sunny day, a good pair of shoes and a path, whatever the terrain, is one of the greatest ways to spend a chunk of a day. Better yet.. along a body of water. Sometimes even better yet.. in said body of water on either a kayak or canoe. And I can’t say it tops this list but definitely another beautiful way to spend a gorgeous day is goin’ fishin’. My mind is literally drooling right now.

Autumn. Fort Sask, AB.

Second to a good church service, the way to charge this guy’s batteries is outdoor activity. When I lived in Fort Saskatchewan they had the most beautiful paths down in the river valley. Autumn was the absolute best with leaves every color of the rainbow and they fell like rain as you took in their beauty while you moved your feet. Summers self explanatory enough. Tis the pinnacle of gorgeous weather when that desire inside most all of us to just plain be outside calls to us like ice cream to a fat kid. We are drawn to it, to bathe in it, our very souls, alongside our flesh.

Spring. Fish Creek Park. Calgary, AB.

But today is spring. It already sprung though to look outside it’s still deep winter. We have experienced snippets of days in the double digits but that stuff and spring showers have yet to really start. I went down to one of my favorite water walk haunts in Calgary at Fish Creek Park the other day. And though the day itself was sunny and calm the ice and the snow and the puddles and the mud was a little much for my running shoes. My gung ho attitude took a minor hit as well. Just a prelude to the real deal, McNeil.

Summer. Fish Creek.

I fell in lust with fishing and canoeing when I lived in Northern Alberta. Most evenings after work I’d be found down at Little Red, either casting my line off the rock or takin’ a slow spin up the river in a canoe. Both gave a sense of calm that I’ve yet to find its equal. Something that is best done solo but is equally relaxing done with a friend as two warm hearts provides bigger smiles. I discovered kayaking about ten years ago when we spent a few weeks mid July in west Kelowna amid the most glorious weather imaginable. I was out there, far out there on the lake, twice a day for hours at a time. I’ve done a bit since but nothing like that.

Autumn. Fort Sask.

Sure it can be a struggle with my daughters and juggling everything but these are the moments we should all be prioritising. The times that reward us the most and that top up that emotional battery that’s been on empty who knows how long. Sleep is enhanced, vitamin D is welcomed, your body and mind will thank you and that’s just a sliver of what you’ll reap. Only three months ’til summer. And plenty of time for early exposure to the elements just around the corner! Cheers.

Spring 2016. Cancun.

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