When We Fight Back: The Day Covid Died.

Covid-19 is still all anybody really talks about and it’s truthfully damaging our psyches more than any of us know. A minute ago I just broke down in tears at the thought of this nightmare being over and life going back to the way we knew it or closely enough. And I’m not the guy who is been wrapped up in terror, lying in bed infused with fear or walking around Walmart with a scarf around my face. I’ve been level headed and calm enough but I feel like deep down (and not even that deep) this is doing a massive number on our brains.

Consider horrors outside of our day time happy norms. The foster child who gets abused, raped or beaten. The drug abuser who is unable to string together a sentence or take care of his daily needs. The person on the brink of suicide because life is just too much to bear anymore. Whether buried in their subconscious or raw and ready on the surface, many live beaten down and just wincing at the next hammer to fall on them. Four walled and inescapable, they carry the weight of the world. It never lets up. It never gets better. They begin to adapt and accept it as part of their lives.

God bless those poor souls. But consider me, you, your family, your neighbors and the entire population basically of Earth at the moment. Something sadistic and terrible is happening beyond all the news updates and daily covid banter. This coronavirus is our abuser. The constant threat is our molester. The hype of covid-19 is raping us all mentally and emotionally. It is without end. It attacks us all day and those without sleep apnea all night.

Mental health refers to your ability to process information. Emotional health, on the other hand, refers to your ability to express feelings which are based upon the information you have processed. In true preaching to the choir format we’ve all far exceeded our ability to process this bs bat crap virus. We’ve considered it, dissected it a thousand ways and we can’t escape it. Emotional wise, how are we supposed to express our true feelings on the subject properly when our abuser is still out there (or we’re told he is..) lurking around, seeking us all? It’s like asking you to explain the picture on the chalkboard but first let me drive my fist into your nose then give you a hard knee to the crotchola. Please be honest.

We are bullied. We are scared. We are all in this together yet we are all alone (I swear if I hear the term social distancing just one more time…). Oh, how we yearn for this to all be over! Imagine those glorious first few days coming out of isolation then slowly distancing is scrapped then gatherings are allowed and then businesses begin to re-staff and reopen. The boogeyman will be off our backs and out of the fine workings of our daily lives. Like the slimy demon that it is cast back to from whence it came and we can say “Did that really happen?” When the thaw of our frozen lives begins to melt we will never feel more free and never more alive. Press on, friends. Soon just a memory.

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