Hot Buttery Movie Theatre Popcorn.

Today is a day to celebrate. It is a day to savor. We’ve been looking forward to this day for some time now and the ability to participate. No, it’s no one in my circles birthday. No, it isn’t Christmas. It’s not even the end of cv19. You know how you can pop popcorn kernels or you can microwave a bag of popcorn or you can boil the kernels in hot oil but it just never comes close to the real deal? The real deal being movie theatre popcorn. And today we get 3 larges delivered to us.

In this current coronavirus world many of our first world privileges have been stripped from us. I love the cinema. I’m not the guy who went weekly but I’d like to say I ventured out to catch a new flick on the silver screen maybe once a month. And when I do go the ritual of getting a buttered popcorn, no matter how many thousand calories it may contain, goes hand in hand with the experience.

Many souls, including myself, have tried to emulate that theatre taste. As a Christmas present last year my son bought us flavacol which is apparently the seasoning theatres use in making their corn. Of course I have no idea how to use it. Once in a while as a treat I would get a large popcorn from the theatre to bring home for the girls. This was of course when a person could walk freely into a movie theatre and purchase such items.

This is why we were so excited for our day today. The glorious news that Canyon Meadows theatre runs a weekly order then pickup system raises a persons spirits in times like these, though silly in thought. The little things like this are always the most important. Like human touch for those that are truly alone. The intangible delights temporarily removed.

And so I must depart to get the warm, fatty goodness that is hot buttery movie popcorn. My senses will be soon elevated in the most delightful ways possible. That comforting scent, those buttery finger fulls and that nauseating feeling of ‘oh snap I ate too much’ are all part of this package. For those sweet twenty minutes the diet goes on hold as does life in general. Excuse me while I melt into utter sweet buttery oblivion.

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