Anything But That.

I’m getting that writers itch again and it’s the most fantastic thing. I’ve felt it several times; the instance that stands out the most was after watching TV night in, night and all of a sudden it was clear as crystal. Instead of getting lost in other people’s stories create your own. And in this instance the sentiment is equally transparent. The world is sick of hearing about covid as am I and it’s time to forget about it, if only for a few minutes. The time to create (and to talk about creating) is nigh!

The topic of procrastination comes up irrevocably again and again for me (how about for you?) It must be commonplace for someone who likes to spin and spew words, and okay, everyone in general. I have projects upon projects that when I spoke of them it would spark interest in the listener. Now if I were to tell so ‘n so about what I’m working on the truth would be what I’m really “working on” is reminiscing the days when I’d actually write. A start to a project here or a solid idea there but there is nothing that I’m working at full-time and I miss that.

When I was writing my novella it felt taxing. It was work but so much play as well. And the fulfillment that I felt.. I need to revisit this again. To step out. To invest. To believe in yourself. To see through that wall. To write Hallmark cards for a living?! I’ll stop there.

I feel like made up fantastic scenarios are tainted with reality the older I get. Things that once made sense in a separate sense now are revealed to be hoaxes. For example the notion that having more money equals less stress and an easier life. Briefly sure, and then when it’s gone you’re worse off than before and stupider. And emptier.

Same goes with my fantasy of being on a deserted island with just a chaise lounge, pen and paper, and a laptop. Okay, maybe a printer. With my day job and my kids removed I’d be writing 8 hours a day or more. It’s true that more of my free time would go to that for sure. However the resonating factor is if I can’t make time to write daily amidst all the days hubbub then I shan’t do anything more with nothing but time and space. The ingrained discipline must be fed over and again.

There shouldn’t be excuses. There shouldn’t be procrastination. When you want something bad enough you gotta put in the work.

Alright, thank you for your time. Back to CV19.

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