“Hair Down”.

She’s so beautiful. So, so beautiful. There’s not enough of her for me. I want it all, inside her soul. Forever clawing at the surface. Open the door, please let me inside. Been on this ledge too long. I refuse to jump. Possess me further, I can’t turn back. You’ve slit my guts. Now hold them tight. Where is she now? Is her hair down tonight? Can I hear her voice? Can this be our night? I’ve felt this so long. Thought I made things right. Can I tell her I love you tonight? Sometimes we end up where we need to be. I can’t get loose of you and I’ve tried. Melted to the floor, immovable, indisputable. Transfusable, and reusable. A simple greeting and I’m high all day. You impact me thoroughly. To me you matter. You matter most. And the madder I make you Will never break you. There she is. Her hair across her shoulders. Speak to me. Make tonight the night. Do you see my glow? Can we take this step? You need to know. I love you so. I love you so. Let me eat your heart And hold your soul. Swim in your blood And mend the holes. Let down your wall So you can bleed in me. Don’t look back now. Just be with me. There she is. So, so beautiful. Is her hair down tonight?

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