Close your eyes for a moment and drift back to when you were ten or twelve years old or so. Reminisce the carelessness. The long summer days of doing nothing, and doing it while the sun bathed you and the evening breeze toweled you off. The selfishness of it all was fantastic. The newness of everything. The comfort. Everything was as it should be until the day the innocence was taken and time began to speed up.

I have zero desire to relive my childhood, especially those awkward teen years. It’s, as they say, a hard no for me. But what I’d do anything to recapture is when time didn’t race by, leaving me dizzy from its thieving spin. It is truly sickening how fast it all goes now. Another hour. Another day. Just a blink. One deep breath and it’s over. And I’m standing empty handed wondering what the frig just happened.

The older I get, the worse this issue becomes. I swear I’ll be dead any minute. How can I fix this? How can I slow things down? Quitting the day job would be a start but then I’d have to rob banks and the stress along would age me faster than time itself. So that’s out. I could sleep less but I adore sleep almost as much as I love my kids so that’s out the window. I could remove all of the ‘extras’ in my life like writing, eating and movie watching but would having that extra time really feel like life was moving slower? I doubts.

I do need an overhaul though, and that in itself should help. I’ve fallen into the trap of needing groceries every day or every other day. I need to get back to the once a week larger trip or heck, even bi-monthly. Wasted time like that I could definitely get back. Pharmacy trips as well are adding up especially with the annoyance of covid and certain jackasses at the beginning who were getting huge refills. Drug hoarding at its finest. Since then they only dole out 30 day supplies and not all of the huge drug list our household carries is on the same fill schedule so I’m going there three or four times a month. More time that could be better maintained.

Still, just theories. Knowing me, if I’m given more time I’ll discover new and inventive ways of blowing it so what’s the use. The smartest thing I could do is work at being the healthiest me there’s ever been. Bad habits can melt away. This is the surest way of adding time to your clock or at least reversing the shortening of my time on this silly planet.

Remember the first scene in the Spielberg/Zemeckis epic film Back To The Future? All those ticking clocks with all different styles and what not? That’s me, right now. Surrounded by ticking time tickling my inner ear and sucking away my lifeblood. I shall taketh some of my own medicine and make a point of slowing crap down. I don’t want to wake up and I’m 99. Maybe by then I won’t need sleep at all. If there’s going to be a vaccine for covid surely there will one day be a vaccine for sleep. And that one, my friends, I will roll up my sleeve for.

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