My GoFundMe Story.

I’ve been often asked the question “How do you do it? My answer is
always the same. I never stop long enough to consider such things.

My name is Kris Bobosky. I am a single father of a healthy adult son Jeremy age 21 and twin daughters Lexis and Lindsey age 16. We have been in survival mode since the girls were born and we need your help. This is our story.

My daughters were preemie babies. Lindsey came out sideways and spent her first three weeks in the ICU. After immunizations just before their second birthday, both girls became unable to walk. Over the next three weeks they descended into near full paralysis of their legs and arms. I would have to hold them in the bath as though a limp noodle.

The myelin sheath covering their veins was stripped away and any sort of touch made them scream in pain. After three weeks and seven
different clueless doctors it was revealed they had Guillain-Barre
syndrome, a syndrome that causes paralysis up to and including facial
and breathing muscles, causing death to some. Luckily through time and prayer and much rehabilitation they began to come out of it. To this day it is not known how much physical and cognitive damage was done in
those four or so months.

About a year later they, along with me, went through a divorce and they remained with me, always. A few years after that Lindsey needed hip surgery as her gait was quite up and down when she walked. Lexis was hospitalized with a double hernia. Around the age of ten I was told they have hypothyroidism. In the same time frame I was told they have the
bone structure of six year olds and they will not grow much more which they have not (I am 6’4, their brother is 6’5 and they are barely 4’ tall).

Lindsey was prone to ear infections, at least ten months out of each year they would be both infected which has caused considerable scarring and
damage. Both girls have had perforations in at least one ear and have undergone multiple ear tube insertion surgeries.

At one point Lindsey was hospitalized for weeks with infections in both ears, in her lungs, her blood platelets had dropped to 16 and fevers wracked her body. It was a very tough time and a lot of work was missed. Something had to be done.

Fast forward a couple years later. They have maybe grown an inch
between the two of them. Many, many infections have come and gone. A team of doctors at the Calgary Children’s Hospital begins to take a close look at my girls in hopes of helping them like never before. It is deduced that they both have weak immune systems and will greatly benefit from monthly IVIG (Intravenous Immunoglobulin) treatments.

We all have T cells and B cells. These cells fight off disease and make us healthy and strong. My daughters have limited T cells and next to no B cells. If they get sick or an infection their bodies are unable to fight off the invading enemy. We bounce back after a bout of illness; they simply cannot. These IVIG treatments fills them with a plasma that strengthens
their immune system and makes it able to stay healthy and fight back.
Similar to running your vehicle on an empty tank of gas then filling it
up; night and day difference.

These monthly visits plus anywhere from three to eight more specialist or pediatrician or dentist appointments per month has made it very difficult for me to not only hold down a job but to afford gas and food to make these vital trips happen. My semi-retired 73 year old mother who lives out of town is my only support and helper and she is not always
there either. Some appointments she is able to take my girls to and the rest is up to me. And over the past year and change things have really ramped up.

It became known that Lexis has considerable liver damage, an enlarged spleen, a heart murmur (like her sister) and esophageal varices (meaning she could bleed out at any time). Lexis also began getting chronic nosebleeds, us ending up in the emergency room many, many times.

She’s had procedure after procedure including 2 liver biopsies, 2 endoscopies, several MRI’s, several ultrasounds, several x-rays, nostril cauterization 3 times.. and the list goes on. Currently, she has been hospitalized the past 5 days with these chronic bleeds again, her
platelets, hemoglobin and blood pressure bottoming out.

Last fall she was hospitalized for 39 days and nights with a rare and scary blood infections with two weeks of it spent in the ICU. Each day, including this hospital stint, she will ask “Can I come home today?” and each time it breaks my heart to say no.

I am father and pharmacist to these two precious girls. Lexis consumes roughly 20 pills a day and Lindsey about 8, and this has been going on for years. On top of all these ongoing health issues they struggle like crazy in school. There is no keeping up. They have been in a special needs program for years. Their IQ’s hover around 50. This fall they enter high school. They will never really graduate. They will most likely never drive a car.

They have no signs of entering puberty and it has been said they will most likely never birth a child. They are bullied because of there stature. They struggle with having any semblance of friendships with others, only to themselves. But I believe in theses little angels. I encourage them daily. I love them unconditionally and thank God for them often.

With their health issues ramping up I have missed more work days then ever before. I earn minimum wage and some paycheques you can cut in half. I have my own health problems and find it trying to take proper care of myself at times. I have hypertension, sleep apnea and plantar fasciitis. I desire a better life for my girls, for us all. I have wanted to go
the way of a naturo path for years now but I can’t afford it. I work hard to give my girls the happiest and best life possible but it falls short.

This is why I am requesting outside help. With the non-stop hospital stays as of late and appointments I wish to take a temporary leave of absence from work. In that time I can give my mother a break from all
her help and expenditures and I can also heal my feet a bit and get just a taste of rest and wellness that I have been depleted of for years it seems and feels like. I would take my girls to a naturo path and get their bodies
off of all these strong drugs they are currently taking.

I would also like to be able to go for a mini-vacation, not far and not long, like to Banff or
somewhere serene. Anywhere basically as my girls have never been anywhere! Thank you for taking the time to read this. They are my heart, these precious children. Life needs to get better.

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