They Must Stay Whole/Thy Name Is Sister.

I’ve never not felt that having twins is a blessing but there is so much more going on there than I could ever fathom. The amount they share is immeasurable. They are like two halves that form a whole and that whole is damaged and dying when they are apart indefinitely like over these past 13 days.

When they were babies, wherever I took them they drew small crowds. Silly questions would ensue like “Are they twins?” and “Are they identical?” I always wanted to say “Ya it’s pretty flippin’ obvious, isn’t it?” but I didn’t want to take any of the experience for granted. There was a magic about my girls and it’s never been contained. Whether in public or sitting in the bath tub, I constantly knew I had been given a gift.. twofold.

As they’ve grown into teenage girls their specialness is only magnified that much more intensely. Their older brother I have thought to be somewhat of a superhero in the sense that his immune system is seemingly bulletproof. And in that same vein I have realized more and more that these girls also possess superhero strength, just on a different level.

Though weak and physically frail my money says they can handle pain way better than you can. Though hospitalized often they have more patience in their left pinky toe than you ever will. Though slower to learn they are flowing with creativity, more than the average person. Though without means to blossom they will one day rule the world.

No one has captured my heart as they have. When Lexis faced death last week I had momentarily died myself. As they are unto themselves, if something ever happened to either one and they were taken I would never be able to fully take a breath again.

They belong together and that must never deviate. What’s happening right now? Them being separated because Lindsey isn’t one year older? Total bullshit, please pardon my French. As Lexis slowly improves her sister hangs in but is weakened. I guarantee you if Lexis was granted visitation to her Lindsey there would be no more sign of infection and no sign of any sickness. There is healing in becoming whole. There is healing and thy name is sister.

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