Kris Bobosky here reporting live from the Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary, Alberta, the Universe.

It’s a bit of a crisp July morning outside and inside these concrete walls it’s a balmy 18 degrees in the shade. It is day 17 of our exclusive news report on the well being of one Lexis Ivy. Admitted for a nosebleed, she has experienced pretty much every health concern imaginable including seizing and temporary death. We caught up with her between autograph signings.

Lexis is currently working on a dream catcher with a volunteer who’s clearly never had a child of her own but definitely tries to be not awkward, though fails nonetheless. Lexis is doing fantastic overall minus a small case of the meningitis which doesn’t seem to be bothering her one iota. Barring a doctors meeting tomorrow afternoon to discuss continuing IV antibiotics while being at home she is close to the big D. Discharge, that is.

This just in. As of today the siblings under 18 ban has been lifted and her twin sister Lindsey has been reunited with Lexis after 17 days. Tears of joy did not flow but the energy is high and smiles are a-bounding. According to a recent gallup poll this is an unprecedented event, almost as monumental as the novel coronalameness itself.

As a reporter with my own kids I feel strangely at home sitting here writing as they are interacting and laughing. Heckuva crew. A couple of genuine buttheads and the dearest kind. There has been whispers of Lexis coming home with me and Lindsey staying in her sisters place. Classic twin chatter. I give the notion three thumbs up.

Alas, it is mere time that stands in the way of a full-out release. The blood works, the bleeping beeping machines and the invasive nurses will soon be a memory, as though waking from a bad nightmare. A nightmare she wishes to never relive though without clear cut answers and no route causes in sight, the future remains a mystery. As Lloyd Christmas stated to Mental in Dumb & Dumber “Pills are good! Pills are good!” This might hold some water but soon Lexis will go the way of the naturopath. Maybe then she may taste health as she’s never known before.

Kris Bobosky is a freelance writer and renaissance man with the equilibrium of a method acting minotaur. His passion for the pen is undaunting and he has many great projects that will soon be brought to the light.

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