“With Their Genitals Flailing”.

With their genitals flailing
I took the cats sailing.
I floored it and quickly
Their nails in me prickly.
All they wanted was fish
On their teensy cat dish.
But I gave them a ride show
Little Whitney and Nigel.

So we finally caught tuna
Off the coast of Bermuda.
And those cats had their fill
Then I gave them their bill.
Sitting pretty and anchored
Emailed funds from their banker.
Goodbye light, hello darkness
And then came my catharsis.

On the ocean with kittens
In my heart I’m so smitten.
With a lady on dry land
Yet I’m here in the wet sand.
Riding waves with these felines
Miles away from the moonshine.
On the bow doing crunches
Whilst my cats making lunches.

Stay afloat is the mission
Though I’m over here wishin’.
For an island adventure
Or some sort of redemption.
Though my cares, they avail me
These 2 cats remain blame free.
Back to life as remembered
All my dreams are dismembered.

So I whittle a wood stick
On this sea of Saint Patrick.
Patron saint to the sinners
Eating bowls of Kraft Dinner.
With my cats in their doghouse
I look up to the lighthouse.
We are back, we’re alive
None of this was contrived.

Drop the anchor and kiss me
Keep your government whisky.
I’m on land and I’m stable.
I’m the head of the table.
Take the cats to the hen house
For their tuna was head loused.
Like a spank on the bare bum
This was one big conundrum.

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