Myths, Masks, Musk and Mandatory Morons.

Rarely do I get anywhere near political (don’t worry, this isn’t that..) but I figured it’s time somebody quashed a few favoritized misnomers that abound out there that shouldn’t be. Current topics, yes, the hottest. Pour yourself a stiff tea and press in.


Masks are for Halloween. Kids wear them for free treats. Masks are for armed robbery. Criminals wear them when they are about to illegally score some cash. Masks are for rapists and killers on death row. The torture in their face is hidden during their hangings and electric chair rendezvous.

Masks are not for healthy humans, dogs or cats. They are disgustingly filthy after maybe an hour of use and do nothing but divide an already well divided society. We all look like we are wearing dirty thongs on our faces. But hey.. we go on wearing them to not spread the covid we don’t have. Makes perfect sense.

Celebrity Bullcrap.

Yesterday I saw on Robert Downey Jrs Instagram that he was freezing his account for 24 hours to stand for some propaganda he deemed necessary to stand for. I’m sure I’ll be seeing many more celebs doing this and heaven help us normal people, too. Unbelievably smart. I mean this is the greatest answer to any equality issues there’s ever been.

Wrap your mind around it.. one stays off of their social media for one day and the worlds biggest crises are eradicated. Mr Junior or Downey or whatever they call you.. you may just be on to something here. You’ve proven you can spell stupid in more than one way.

All Lives Splatter.

I saw a meme today with a picture of a sedan driving through people with little sorta stick men (minimizing the violence) all over the place. The caption on the bottom read in bold “All Lives Splatter”. And isn’t it the truth? BLM? KKK? Blue lives matter? Whatever.

It all makes me think of that ol’ Sunday school classic “Jesus Loves The Little Children”. The chorus reads as such: “Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world. Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight. Jesus loves the little children of the world”. ‘nough said.

Like a young Elon Musk I’m going to learn to read code. Then I’m going to construct a time machine that takes us anywhere but 2020. Heck, even 2019 would be an awesome time to be alive, wouldn’t it? Remember the great old normal days of 2016? Granted, I was in a lame marriage but I’ll take that state of the world over this year any year. Come with.

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