Intrepidly tripped up.

Ripped out.

Flip flopped and missing out.

Pie knuckle pissant

Galantly gallivant.

Flight footed fairytailer

Underwater seahorse burial.

Corkscrew compass

Encompassing trumpets.

The now and the naysayers

Surveilling and flailing.

An eloquent elation

In this dark tribulation.

Stars, funnels and trinkets

Plinking placards delinquent.

Fully abashed with a cache

Full of passion.

She wrote of this densely

Immense and intensely.

With the licking and ticking

My wrist bomb keeps sticking.

Everything freezes

A treasonous bereaving.

We are numb, we are one.

And we’ve lost to the sum.

But we’re one, we are one.

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