I just had thirteen weeks off work and it may have well started yesterday. Christmas is around the corner. 2020 is nearly over. We’re all going to be really, really old soon. Time sucks.

It goes by faster and faster every year. This year seemed to drag for a while there, mid-March to the summer, but then again a blurs a blur and this crap year has still been that. You can’t slow it down but you can speed it up. The negative ones experience this all the time.

Fact: There are people out there that hate life. They want out. They want escape. They consider death and lots do go that route. I’ve never truly wanted to end things but I was amongst these previous sentences. When you endulge in escape as often as possible life and every part of it becomes numb. Blurry. And it’s part of your brief time on this earth wasted that you can’t get back.

Lyrics resonate from Metallica’s Master Of Puppets, a track referencing addiction. “Come crawling faster. Obey your master.
Your life burns faster! Obey your master!” I personally can identify with this way of speeding up time but there are other ways too that we wind the clock just a little tighter. Unhappiness. Anger. An overall sourpuss demeanor. Those holding onto stuff long ago should have been released are too busy stewing that they don’t notice the sparks whizzing from their timepiece.

Between the apnea and the alcoholic ways of the past I’ve always loved a good nap. Even a bad nap would suffice. But even ninety minutes a day over the course of a year is twenty two days. Mind blown. I typically napped away twenty two perfectly usable days. Gone. Makes me re-think a good nights sleep!

To surround oneself with the people, the places and the activities that bring most joy is the best prescription for having time on your side and not looking back questioning its disappearance. Fulfillment isn’t always easy to come by but having this as a sorta compass in your brain is better than to aimlessly slip into sections of lost or sped up time. Time will never be on our side however what we do with it is completely in our control.

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