Just realizing it’s been a week since my last posting and it’s no big wonder why. After three point five months off work then almost a full weeks time back in the thick of it, I feel about ninety years old. I’m hobbling around like a way less sprightly Gollum, speaking similar gibberish and feeling a divided self, for sure. I’ve been wham’d, bam’d, no thank you, ma’am.

The human being, on average, will adapt eleven hundred and fifty times in their life time. Okay, there’s no truth to that but it is a fact that we do adapt to change a fair bit. It’s organic; it’s something that just happens. No need to read up on the science behind it or practice adaptation. To bounce from one familiar setting to another one is off putting yes but isn’t difficult.

Look at me. In the summer I transitioned from a full time job to making a full time appearance in a stressful environment known as the hospital. Then when my daughter was allowed to leave I adapted to my normal life but without the work grind and dare I say without any stresses pulling on me. Then this week I adapted from a life of sleeping in, doing whatever I wanted to and napping to waking in the darkness and putting in near ten hour work days including commutes.

There’s no foreseeable need to adapt to anything else any time soon and these are our typical open stretches of current normalcy. It doesn’t mean to sit back and welcome the monotony. Surely, if you’re life is half as busy as mine mundane doesn’t enter the picture. It’s just there’s no outside disruption that is forcing you to reset your old ways of thinking and adapt to what’s taking shape around you.

I acclimate therefore I am or something like that. Maybe it’s these obnoxious carbon monoxide fumes I’m forced to breathe in eight hours a day, I don’t know. Adapting isn’t really anything new but when you’re faced with the rollercoaster version of it in a short period of time it kinda stands out. And as I settle in for a smoothe sail through the next chapter of my life (knock on the woodsman) I can appreciate not having to adapt.

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