Her small hands in mine. In her room, waiting, still.

The touch of her skin. I am vapor.

Mingled the dust. Inhale.

A live possession. A bloodstream dive.

Hold my hand for we are eternal. Look at me, look to me.

No recourse. I can’t fail you. Can you not see?

XYZ. Complete.

Branches in your sky. In the wind they sway.

Flourishing. Summer nourished.

And in you I am but away. For on your own you radiate.

Your song, up the back of my neck.

I watch from below. Exposed whilst hidden. My watery eyes won’t shut.

So I wait, heart of wonder. Then it comes.

Autumns stab. And you fall, from heights you plunge.

And I am there. I am here with arms to the sky.

And I will catch you. XYZ.

From dust to dust. Reborn though one, at least in my mind.

Everything becomes new, and I dwell in your world tonight.

But can you see me? Cut a vein, am I not there inside you?

Shapes twist into beating hearts and tempered libidos.

Was it him and her, or him versus the universe? I don’t care for past tense.

We are here now… aren’t we? My steps in circles.

With winters breath and silence illuminating. She is gone and she was never here.

And in the icy pool below is reflecting only you.


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