And Then Health Walked Into The Room.

How absolutely bizarre it is to be living your life with some family malignancies for as long as you can remember and then it’s as though any trace of ill living goes up in a puff of smoke. I won’t say another word until I knock on an imaginary block of wood. Air knock complete. Where was I?

Oh, ya. My daughters have somehow transformed from sickly, needy and hospitalized to healthy and flourishing. Up until now their entire lives have been shrouded in some form of illness or physical proclivity to the unwell. Again, it sorta terrifies me to even speak in these ways of victory and not all is 100% fixed but it’s a solid run since July and I’ll friggin’ take it.

We’ve always been staring down small bones/stature, thyroid issues, hearing loss, vision loss, weak immune systems, teeth/gum decay, liver damage, chronic cough, chronic infections, chronic nosebleeds, fevers and a host of learning disabilities to boot. I don’t know where to even start. Will each of these slowly begin to show improvement? The one or two that have so far improved makes me feel like everything is better.

Such a strange thing, to actually see healthy improvement in my kids. The usual feelings are worry, the terror of heading to the hospital and just overall sadness for the state of both of them. What kind of life has God and now have I provided them? But these questions rarely got asked as all we could do was keep treading water. There was no getting us down because the bottom wasn’t far from where we stood.

So why the sudden state of joyful affairs? Has it been the harvesting of the thousands of prayers gone up by my lips and by those of many others? Is it because we saw a Naturopath in the summer and the supplements working in her body is what she’s been needing for years? Maybe it’s the additional infusion she’s been getting at the end of her monthly IVIG treatment? A combination of all?

Whatever is going on, all we can do is continue moving forward. God is at work in us and working for us on our behalf every hour of the day. All of us, even in you. I can’t imagine feeling alone in the spiritual sense and I’m constantly reminding myself to keep open communication to the man in the attic.

As for these two soon-to-be seventeen year old knuckleheads, we need long term health. I declare it over them right now. Full disclosure.. I’ve been waiting for the other slipper to drop for some time now and thank God it hasn’t. We’ve gotten skilled at fighting. Maybe their systems are fighting the fight on auto-pilot and this time crushing it.

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