I feel like anything and everything we do hurts to some degree or the next. The only real way to avoid it is to lie in bed all day which isn’t much of an option for anyone. Knowledgeably so, we are all conditioned to pain and the monotony or regularity of each task isn’t heartbreaking in the least but it’s not without hurt.

When your alarm goes off in the early AM it induces pain. You don’t wanna get up yet and spend the next 9 and a half hours of your life commuting and working for somebody else. No matter how used to it we become, this is not a pleasant or welcome experience.

Simply making decisions hurts a little every time. From what outfit to wear to what will I have for dinner to what kind of toothpaste should I buy. Narrowing down options shouldn’t be a brutal task that leaves you needing to talk through with a shrink. It forces us to think and basic problem solving can tax, but enough teensy ones in a short span of time and you’re wanting a little down time or at least I am.

What about being there for people? It’s a two way street of give and take but it can hurt too. I almost forget what having a significant other is like but what I do remember is it doesn’t come free and it ain’t easy. The misread cues, the forgotten mini-milestones and all in between add up. And if you have offspring? Forget about it. There’s a reason kids and pain are both four letter words.

Exercise? House cleaning? Commuting? Cooking? Entertaining? Breathing?! Anything besides sleeping and sitting is a pain in my butt and dare I say your derriere as well. Heck, even writing this posting came with its own affliction. Like a lost baby lion cub on the great plains of South Africa I too feel the struggle. Let me catch my breath. Everything hurts.

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