Have you ever had one of those mornings where you’re at work and a co-worker who is associated with you on social media approaches you to say that your ex-wife/husband contacted them, trashing you and warning them about you? Lucky you. I, however, had this can opened in my face around 8 am yestermorn and haven’t quite wrapped my mind around it yet.

I am not here to talk crap about my ex-wife. That period has come and gone and I, at least, have moved on. The psychosis behind this though just amazes me. The picture is painted as such: here is a recently re-married person who hasn’t seen or spoken to me in over three years. I’m over here living my life and without thinking about it I just assumed she’s over there living hers and married again, to boot.

Next thing I know this person has not only taken time out of her life and looked through my stuff online but she’s gone through photos of females in my “friends” list and randomly made an association that maybe I am dating them (I know, the insanity is potent…) and subsequently must take more time out of her life to send them a paragraph size message tearing me down in hoping she’s messaged the correct girl (in reality, there is no correct girl).

As if that’s not scary enough I just wonder if there’s been more females on my list that she’s done the same thing to. This definitely borders on harassment and at this point I’m not exactly pressing charges but this is next level brain damage, am I wrong? We ended over three years ago then officially divorced. You’re married. Why are you scouring my social media and alerting others to your psychotic ways?

Maybe this isn’t blog material. Lately, and forgive me if it’s true, my postings have reflected a dark time for me and also a time of me not taking any garbage. This can be filed directly under that heading. As quoted from the phenomenal movie Magnolia “We may be through with the past but the past is not through with us”.

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