Whether it’s the year and covid, or my down and out battles of late but it’s put me in a take-no-crap mentality and this is where I operate from. A day or two ago I was told to keep my thoughts to myself and mind you these were nice, warm thoughts, nothing harmful or bad. It put me in the foulest mood but I’ve chosen to let it wash off my back. Can’t say the same for the deliverer.

I’m sorry, people. I genuinely intended that my next posting be light hearted. A break in the unchartered darkness was much needed. I’m sick of my own sickness. Tired of my own tiredness. I’m over it all, I truly am.

I genuinely feel I am getting back to my feet. One can’t wallow in the abysmal forever. But still I’m like a recovering porcupine. I’m minding my own business but when tinkered with I have no other recourse but to shoot to kill. I can’t deal with asinine behavior. I can’t stomach foolish covid talk of future shutdowns. My patience is at an all time low and I know there are others out there like me.

Maybe it’s this seemingly non-stop barrage of exes flash stopping back into my life that’s contributed to my tweaking. Two more, and besties, to boot. And for what? There was no point. One admitted to being drunk. Maybe it’s helped give my head a shake. It’s helping me climb out of this unmarked grave. Who knows but it’s certainly been twilight zone weird as of late.

Alas, I’m still holding a handful of tomorrows. I’ve wasted many but luckily there will be a new one on my doorstep in the morn. And life really isn’t that bad. Sure, always chasing the wrong kind of female doesn’t help. But getting older does bring wisdom so at least my hindsight is tip top. Next!

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