A great way to lose yourself (and possibly slip into a fog of depression) is to withhold from ones self the various ingredients that make up who you are. I’m talking about the good things we do daily that we find passion in and a sense of fullness is easily achieved when present. When one deprives themself of who they are at their core it’s easy to see a deterioration begin to take place especially when numbing substances are in the picture.

I just picked up a guitar for the first time in just over a year (don’t ask). Forty minutes elapsed and it might have well been one. It’s times like this where I understand the biblical verse “with the Lord the day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day” (2 Peter 3:8b). Time no longer exists in moments like these and I friggin love it.

Same goes for the drums though I do pick up the sticks a tad more often. Amazing what fifteen minutes on the kit does for my well being and let’s not forget the neighbors mental health. Why I don’t have a band again, I’ll never know. Oh ya, covid. That’s this years “excuse” but dangit, making music is the syrup to my pancakes, and I’m ready for breakfast.

Obviously writing is my main life blood but the killing ain’t so good, if you catch my drifts. Sure, I’ve maintained a steady crafting and publishing of these here blog postings but little else is going on in the department I’ll sadly admit. I typically have at least one or two other serious writing projects on the go but it’s been months since I’ve construed anything grammatically creative.

A person can have creative outlets out the yin yang. Heck, who needs creativity if you’re into sports or building bird houses. An outlet’s an outlet. Who you are can never and should never be taken away from you. And by all means, do not give it up, as though surrendering your God given rights. Keep the procrastination minimal. Pick up that ball of yarn, even for 15 minutes every second evening. It will be time found. A gift.

Playing guitar doesn’t define who I am but withholding a passion amidst a very dark time separates me further from my already misguided self. The other week I bought a box of Corn Pops cereal and watched old episodes of The Smurfs for an hour or so because I wanted to feel close to my long since passed granny. Connecting your own dots, in whatever way that means to you, is essential in finding happiness. What you love now, what you loved then.. put yourself in the middle and you got one heck of a sandwich. Be passionate. These are anchors in our lives.

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