Hungry Hungry Hypothalamuses.

Ever been hungry? It’s a rare condition in a country like Canada. What it entails is a lack of food causing the hypothalamus in your brain to trigger a feed-me sensation involving a gurgling stomach and general crankiness. In laywomans terms your bod needs a feeding.

Why am I talking about this jazz amidst a first world country? Because I’m hungry. In fact, very hungry. Typically I would indulge my bodily desire and insert some foodstuffs into my open mouth but I currently cannot. Back to back appointments with my daughter spanning from 11:30 until about 2:15 has disallowed us both a good eat session.

A mid-afternoon snack could be on the agenda but that might upset the early supper notion and this simply cannot transpire. But if a man doesn’t eat for 7 hours in the day time the next meal will be massive. There’s no two ways around it. The juxtaposition is real.

The proper fix here is a popular substance in a liquid format called simply h20. Often enough when the hypothalamus triggers that sensation to eat what’s actually happening is our bodies thirst. A tall glass of water, pushing 4-500 mls, or 2 is the perfect choice when ones back is against the wall like today. Hunger is slightly tended to and the hydration will relieve any other aches and pains you may have physically or mentally.

Fast forward and it’s 6:13pm now. I did go the distance and when I ate I did consume at least twice as much solids (not salads..) as I should have including a dessert. Needless to say my once insatiable appetite is not only quenched but I may or may not be in a food coma, just sleep typing.

It’s happened once and it will happen again. Man finds himself without food and without time. It’s an age old adage. A story that is only surpassed by the Christmas story. The moral of this tale is as predictable as the nose on your face. Plan ahead. Because if you don’t you’ll want to throw up. It’s reality. And it’s a figure of speech. But mostly reality.

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