“Holy smokes, is this happening?” Ingrid, the stout one, questioned.

“Smokes? I need a smoke!” A mulleted red head said to another girl.

Arnie paced back and forth, chewing on the barrel of his plastic pistol. “Okay first things first. Shut up.” Ingrid’s mouth dropped as if to say ‘I never’. Arnie locked eyes with her. “Ya, you. And secondly I need all your cell phones and car keys. Oh, did anyone not drive and is expecting someone to pick you up?” Dead silence around the room. “Ok.”

A blond woman raised her hand. Arnie pointed to her. “Excuse me sir. Allow me to get an offering basket to collect the phones and keys?” Arnie nodded his head and quickly looked out the front window under the corner of a curtain.

“Sir?” Arnie turned around to see a tall woman waving her hand. “Will you be frisking us, one by one, to make sure we’ve complied?”

“For God’s sake, Whitney. This isn’t sexaholics anonymous. Remember?” Ingrid shook her head.

“This isn’t anything. This is a stick up. You are my hostages and if I don’t get total compliance I will kill one of you every hour, on the hour.” Arnie approached the women. They all took a step backward. Arnie stopped and waved the gun, beckoning them back. “Stop friggin moving.”

The blond girl raised her hand again. “What do you want? We don’t have any money. Are you a rapist? Gosh, I hope not. Marybell and I just watched a movie about one last night, right Marybell? Not much into rape.” Marybell nodded.

“Do I look like a rapist? You’ll find out what I want when I want you to. All I can say is we could be here for a long time so I sure hope there’s food.” A land line rang out and everybody jumped including Arnie. All the women looked at Arnie and for three or four rings he stood there thinking.

“Sex girl. You answer it. And play it cool like it’s a normal night ok? Or else you get a bullet to the butt cheek, you got me sister?”

Whitney walked methodically toward the creme phone and picked it up. “Whitney speaking. Oh, hi Doreen. Yes. Wrapping up soon, yes. Ok. By the way there’s a guy with a gun here, please help, ok bye.” She put the receiver down then backed away from the phone with her hand up.

Ingrid looked at her in disbelief. “You might have just gotten us all killed dammit!”

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