In utter disbelief Arnie stepped toward Whitney and grabbed her by her pony tail, yanking her head back. She screamed and he released her immediately. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! But what was that?”

Whitney bent her neck side to side. “I don’t know. I guess I panicked. It’s Doreen anyway. She probably thinks I was kidding. You have nothing to worry about.”

Arnie looked at Marci, the girl with the blond hair. “You. Find something I can tie her up with. Quick. I’m not letting her out of my sight.”

“We’re all in your sight” announced Ingrid. In quick fashion response she was met with that thing when you pretend to wind up your hand and your middle finger extends.

Marci grabbed a bunch of old coiled up phone cords from a closet and brought them to Arnie. “Will these do?” He gave her the thumbs up and knelt down by Whitney, wrapping the cords around her wrists and legs, pulling them tight.

“What did you think was going to happen, huh? The cops would come and bust this up and save you?? Open your eyes. By involving outside individuals you now force me to kill quicker and more often, in order to be taken seriously you understand. And whose life to cut short first? You’ve made that decision quite simple.”

Arnie stood up and addressed the rest of the ladies. “Look, I’m here because life’s pushed me around just too much. I’m in control of me now and guess who else? All of you. I can’t imagine sawing your limbs off let alone pulling the trigger or pushing you down but I’ll do what I got to do, even if it’s in that order.”

Marybell quietly thought allowed. “But sir, why would you dismember us and then shoot us then push us?”

Ingrid jumped on it first. “No, see Marybell. It’s not literal. He’s not cutting off our fingers and if he did well he would shoot us while we bleed out. I think?”

“No, no. The order of his killing matters not. Right?” Whitney had zero confidence in what she just said.

Arnie redirected the group. “Ok I need everybody over on this side of the building and you can sit or lay on the floor. For now, we sit and either continue your drinking meeting or we be quiet. Whitney, come here. I need you to go downstairs and bring up food.” He then leaned into her and whispered something in her ear. She nervously smiled at him then quickly ran down the stairs.

The room was silent. Not an eery silence but a peaceful one, at least for Arnie. And as quick as it crept up it left, bringing the blaring of many sirens and the loud whirring of a helicopter just above the roof. A split second later fists were beating on the door and the voices of police hungry for justice.

Without any time to think Arnie put his finger to his lips and looked at everyone ij the room. Suddenly a door near the front opened and out walked another woman. Marybell loudly whispered. “Chirlie! That was an awful long time to be on the toilet!”

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