The stigma of a new year often brings frustration. One example that I’m currently in bed with is the feeling of being let down or I guess frustration itself. I somehow at times think that some form of magic will exclude me from such set backs, at least for the first few weeks. Reality dictates, however, that this is day 3 and even on day 2 I was waist deep in annoyance.

Like any other scenario it will roll off my back but for now it’s fresh and sizzling in my lap. I excitedly began writing the first few editions of a ten part blog series based on fictional characters and events. I have done this several times before and even spawned a book out of one of them.

Regardless it excites me because I live to create. Making something out of nothing and doing it well is the greatest satisfaction I have known. I could riff off a 400 word blog about my life or whatever without batting an eye. I enjoy it but it doesn’t let me actually write and it keeps the real writer hidden.

Birthing the skeleton story takes time. This recent one entitled “12 Steps” had me brainstorming for days. But when a good foundation hits then the rest comes like a tsunami, in a good way. Names, backstories, places, story arcs, cliffhangers and everything else blossoms quickly.

Then I feel like I’m about to give an unplanned speech to a room full of dignitaries when I put pen to paper and write that first sentence. Like the kickoff at a football game, if football was my thing. And then I get going and more ideas come and it’s as though there isn’t enough time in the day to contain all these fantastical thoughts and vivid dialogue.

Then it’s out there, bits anyway, and I mentally review and prepare for where I could take it next. Unfortunately this round, I spat out 3 of 10 mini-chapters and then the holidays hit. I had intentions to continue after and did up until today. But then I’m faced with the frustration of which I’m meaning: nobody cares.

Please understand this is not a dig at you, my beloved readers, but it’s a solid fact that even my most mundane typical blog posts gets more reads than any of my fictional mini-series entries. It’s bothered me in the past because as my biggest fan, I happen to think my fictional work is light years better reading material than a regular posting. I didn’t know what to think until it dawned on me that people don’t read my blogs for a fictional escape. They/you read them because they are what they are and I (mostly) stick to the formula.

So just like that the frustration is gone. I know what the problem is and there are other avenues to express that side of my writing. Always a learning lesson around every corner and usually camouflaged as wall to break through. And it never ends so why bother getting my neck out of joint. Another one is coming down the pipe right now.

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