“Beauty Incomprehensible.”

Step out on a leaf
On a branch in the ocean.
We break free, you break me.
And I can breathe on my own.
Only to swallow your apprehension.
Gasping for air as I grasp a handful of your hair.
Finally free, you bury the key.
In your heart, in your skin.
Dissalowing me in.
Distanced by resistance.
Shrouded in control.

Your fevered flesh
Keeps the blankets kicked aside.
It took your sickness to bring us back.
Someplace cold we’ve never been.
And the lights in your eyes terminate my demise.
I want inside, our souls collide.
Something I’ve wanted so long.
Though I begged,
You wouldn’t give in.
Now that you’re mine,
It’s divine, so divine.

Inches away, you might as well be air inside my coffin.
I have to remind my hands not to touch you.
And my lips not to kiss your skin in this room we’re in.

You are beauty incomprehensible.
A near obsolete radiance.
I shan’t look away.
My eyes eat you up
And demand more.
I’m a fool for you.
A never learning tool.

All this and more
From behind this glass door.
You sat with me today, remember when I pounced?
Wasn’t very pronounced, moreso in my head.
Your hand did touch mine though.
That much I recall.
I melted in your recoil.
It’s never enough.
So on and on it goes,
In the chapel of our commerce.
Beneath the stage of acquiescence.

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