It Ends When You End It.

Another day goes by. I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror and think what in the frick?! Another morning begins and I’m wolfing down food I didn’t put much thought into buying or prepping. Something stressful goes down like a workmate is a doucher or some financial drawback manifests itself and I’m now comfort feeding. Congrats, I made it through another day. How’s about a few rounds of empty sugar packed calories ’cause I deserve it? Maybe I catch a glimpse again, this time shirtless, and I swear things change on the morrow. And so on.

Sound familiar? Maybe to a lesser or even greater degree but I think it’s a pretty shared experience. I’ve been good for the longest while in mostly avoiding fast food and junky meals at home. What I haven’t been good with is keeping track of calories which is my make or break. And on top of that my newest bad eating habit (newest as in I’m finally noticing..) is that I eat unnecessarily fast.

I’m not interested in going off the deep end and counting my chews before I hit the swallow button but I do need to regulate it some how. I’m assuming like anything, it’ll be a habit that I just figure out and do it slower moving forward without constant scrutiny.

And though cringeworthy to some, counting calories is my alpha and omega for weight loss. Once I get my butt disciplined yet again, as long as I’m counting then the weight falls off. And I don’t really count calories, in fact, most the time it’s rough estimates because I know what I’m doing and I typically know what each food item is worth.

I’m not in there with a calculator or figuring out macronutrients like carbs and fat intake. I’m not focusing on sugar content or sodium levels. The calorie numbers are my sole objective and I rough estimate it as I go. It works for me. The only time it fails is when I go off the plan and then I sit in this purgatory of fatness and lack of self confidence.

The last necessary tool here is exercise and to this I am no stranger. In fact, to possibly reinvigorate myself with this whole diatribe called a blog post, I have peppered in a bunch of older gym pics of me. Why not, right?

I mean it would help matters immensely when the bloody gyms open up again but I’m no stranger to swingin’ free weights in the basement. It’s my cardio that suffers. And back. And chest. My arms and shoulders are thoroughly worked.

As we all know it all goes hand in hand. Avoid junk and equally avoid gimmick diets. You don’t want something that may work short term, this a life long healthy eating we’re talking about. I’m sick of this above waist bulge. Nobodies going to remove it for me. Nobodies going to help me. I put it on me and now I shall take it off.

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