Monday will be kind of a big day as I put into motion all the applicable paperwork for Guardianship, Trusteeship and the AISH application for my twin daughters. The Zoom call has been postponed a near month and time is ticking down for everything to be in place before they’re eighteenth birthday in October. T’s need to be dotted and I’s need to be crossed (as my eyes already are).

I’ve been lost in it all since hearing about it but apparently lots of parents in my boat are. Fact of the matter is I have two very special girls who are becoming official adults before the end of this year and I need to be legally in charge. It’s nothing new yet completely so.

These girl cringe at the term adult. They don’t want to be grownups, completely opposite of how I felt at their age. I, however, didn’t watch childrens programming for four year olds at age 17. When I became an adult I understood how time and money worked and could manage both, as well as any 18 year old could anyway.

Questions will give birth to more questions come Monday and hopefully the odd answer will rear its sensible head. Other questions circle above like do the girls continue onto grade 11 and 12? Do we move again and this time does the north make more sense? Do I become a eunuch? All shall be revealed?

I heard the other day their bio mom had the audacity of asking the girls if they wanted to live with her when they turn 18. In what parallel world are we living in that that would be considered for a half a second? The topic was brought up when they reached 15 and the resounding hell no still applies.

I’ve said it fifteen times and I’ll say it another seventy five. These girls can stay with me as long as they want. I have no agenda to push them out of the nest we’ve so craftily built. Yesterday during a heart to heart to heart, Lindsey goes “This may be a really stupid question but would we be able to live with Jeremy?”.

I, of course, had to explain the ins and outs of thinking life with their older brother in a two person apartment would not work. But I did appreciate it and was frankly taken aback at her even thinking about move out options. She gets very sad when we move so her taking the initiative to discuss her move out plan, though ludicrous, is a big step, to be certain.

Always something cooking on the stove and it’s usually some depressing news about fevers or pills or a current hospitalization. But this time it’s my kids’ adulthood creeping up, and coupled with completely new territory it’s kinda sorta refreshing. I have spent the last seventeen years being parent, chauffeur, pharmacist, teacher, snuggle bear, bank, waiter, chef to these kids (I’m sure I’m missing 6 or 7 more). I believe I can also be legal guardian and trustee. And pillow.

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