Cold Snippity Snaps.

For the first time this winter (in case you forgot this winters been going on for approximately 100 days now) we are in the deep freeze state. The temps been sitting around minus 35 with the wind chill the past couple of days and it looks as though this will be our daily norm for the next while.

For those of us living in Alberta this means several things. If your skin isn’t covered you better move quick like otherwise frostbite will nip ya. It also means pray your vehicle holds together as things do snap and break in this kind of cold. And I guess for those of us with kids in school, if it gets any colder they will cancel school. This might not mean anything to those with kids doing home schooling but for the rest of us adjustments are made.

I spent a few minutes contemplating these kind of conditions and I arrived at a place I never previously considered. We deal with these weeks of freezing temperatures every year, and sometimes more, yet it takes us somewhat by suprise. You’d think after 44 years of these cold snaps I would have come up with a solution to some degree. But no, I’m out there in it like any average Joseph, muttering above what’s left of my breath and shivering with the hardest nipples possible.

How does one prepare or avoid this chill pill? I guess the most obvious ways would be to book a bunch of time off work and hibernate like a mutha or book a trip to Puerto Vallerta and literally escape the nips at your toes.

Above and beyond these measures a person could face it in denial. One could don a tank top, shorts and flip flops on your drive to your local organic store but this may not end well. Ever have frostbitten kneecaps? I wouldn’t wish it on my worst co-worker, not that I’m privy to the pain.

I’ve just spent a bit of time nursing a busted back though the temps were not of deep freeze value. It really is the best medicine though, self-induced bedrid. You can sleep through pain, freezing temperatures and so much more. I highly recommend it.

Nigel taking my advice to heart.

All in all, one must succumb to the adjustments flung towards us by the cosmos. This includes avoiding V day and accepting winter chill. Adaptation brings open doors (the metaphorical ones). Please keep your doors shut otherwise.

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