“To Be Loved By You”.

To be loved by you
If I live long enough.
To see you unveiled
Consumes me in the now.
Extended invite into your world.
On your sacred floors we dance.
Your eyes confess everything.
Through my tears, I’m at your feet.
Servants heart.
Now mending only in your courts.

To be loved by you
Quiets the storm in me.
Your walls destroyed.
And in its place the lilies grow.
Time stood still.
I can’t stand the silence any more.
The radiance of a legion of angels
Permeates every pour.
Sometimes I have to look away.
A beauty that leaves me blinded.

To be loved by you.
Is it too much to ask?
Here we are but alone.
You don’t wonder where I’ve gone?
To be without your presence doesn’t sit well.
Exposed to the glorious goodness.
Then cast into darkness
Is a poison they made me drink.
Maybe I did it myself.
But still there rides the longing.

To be loved by you
Is worth ten thousand tears.
The waiting breaks in daylights fall.
Then carries on, it lingers long.
One moments kiss
Would seal your fate.
Inscribed in concrete and housed in diamond.
The ground shakes under wild horses.
My love for you eclipses all.

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