Has winter sprung a leak and is spring at our fingerteats? I wonder this aloud as I’m on yet another midday walk on every terrain known to man. There are periods of crunchy snow then dirt confettied with actual concrete followed by skating rink ice. The weather is warmer than the February deep freeze but intermingled with a cool breeze from, dare I say, the southwest. Whatever direction it comes from is reminiscent of old man winter still hanging on.

We have just survived another long arse winter and everyone in Alberta should receive a cheque worth at least $8000. It’s never something we enjoy minus the hardcore snow bunnies so therefore there should be compensation. It may not even be over yet, you can be sure of that. Could be a couple dumps ahead, even into April so ready those cheques at once.

I feel like the oncoming spring then subsequent summer and fall seasons will see a lot more of me than normal. Things like camping, kayaking and fishing come to mind. Also, lengthy outdoor naps and beyond meat wiener roasts will hit the spot. Just kidding about the vegan dogs. I’m on a healthier path of eating, not up for consuming plants in meats clothing.

I’m thinking of bringing back the slip ‘n slide but like as an actual past time. There will be races and heats and festivals built around it. And I’m not talking about the bulk plastic from Costco and a couple hundred squeezes of dish soap, I’m talking the real McCoy. Top notch slippery stuff all around, that’s medical grade dialogue right there.

Ever go on a road trip to a different continent in a minivan? It’s like half convertible with the wind on your melon and half submarine adventure tour. I highly recommend it, at least once in your lifetime. Beat the covid flight bans and hotel hell quarantines.

Whether beaver spotting hikes, sunny bocce games or evening walks by a beautiful lake we’ve got some great times ahead of us, folks. We all deserve something extra, something better this time around. Get yours and milk it dry.

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