In about ten or so days will mark one year since we all heard of the dreaded covid schmineteen. They say time goes by quick but book ending this year says it all. The terror in the beginning followed by all the annoyance leading into being so over it all does not need to be reminisced. That is not what this is.

Many things are thrust back in our face as annual reminders, triggering thoughts of where-was-I and the like. September 11 is one. The fall of the Berlin wall in ’89 is another? Not really. Nobody circles that date on any calendar. No one cares. I thought there was more but I guess 9/11 and covid are the 2.

God bless the governors of Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, Montana and Iowa. Goodbye to the godawful mask mandate and hello to opening everything up and at capacity, concerts included. If you hadn’t heard, read those two sentences again. Like money but priceless. The “new normal” just got a huge kick in the buns by these in charge and it gives me hope.

Not alot though, considering Kaptain Kenney is so busy listening to the so called health experts telling him to rescind most of the level 2 open when we should be full into level 3 considering the current numbers. Maybe he’ll grow a pair and follow suit of our friends to the south. It isn’t entirely impossible.

Can you imagine though, the ecstatic bliss in a full capacity open with no more masks, at least not forced? I can foresee mask burnings everywhere. And people actually will be allowed to see their family members again?! There may be strokes and heart attacks at folks digesting this reality. Oh really? You mean I don’t have to answer 18 covid questions wherever I go? You aren’t going to check my temperature and tell me to stay 6 feet away? Surely, you must be joking.

And why not? We’ve all had enough. There’s no hiding. Yes, protect the weak but for goodness sake we shall learn to live with it, like any other virus or illness on the planet. Fact: everyone responsible for the lockdowns and every lying media outlet should be beaten and thrown into prison or worse but hey, I’m not a violent person, much.

So raise a cheer and hug someone you adore. This isn’t happy anniversary, covid. This is goodbye to the stigma and lockdowns and masks after a full year of being mentally and physically assaulted and defiled. Goodbye to the trauma we’ve all lived amongst daily. Goodbye to the separation of loved ones and goodbye to those voices trying to lead us but whom have bs’d their way through this entire thing. Enough. We are free.

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