I have a little shadow around me in the semi-quiet moments amidst my dwelling place. She’s hairy and she seems to love me unconditionally. If I get up, she gets up and if I get down, well, she follows suit. Her name is Whitney Spears (sometimes Spetz or Spetzo) and she’s my three year old kitty cat. A house feline, if you must.

Fast becoming a new habit of mine is to lay down on the living room floor after supper while the girls are still finishing. It’s time spent together but also a moment for the big guy to rest for a few. And ten out of ten times a Miss Whitney Spetzo will come and lay down beside me, practically spoon style. It’s really the sweetest thing if you must know the cold hearted truth. Nothing her housemate Nigel would ever dream of doing. Shame on her.

The other thing she does is equally adorable and it’s more of a long term behavior. Typically at the very end of my day I’ll monitor my daughters taking their pills then brushing their teeth. After kissing them goodnight I will have a bit of quiet on the couch before ascending up to beddy bye.

Nine out of ten times Spetz will jump up, place her top third on my thigh with the rest of her on the couch. She’ll look up at me, not only for attention but as though to ask me how my day was. I respond with affection and kitty worship because I don’t speak feline. Never could pick up the dialect. Frankly, I never cared to learn.

It’s not like she’s sweet forever. I’ve seen her lioness side more than once and simply put, it scares the bejeebers out of me. When the nails come out you better be clad in full body armor if you plan on coming any where near her. The tail twitches like an anaconda in heat and the hissing.. forget about it. I’m a 265 pound man and I will tuck tail and run when she has her big girl pants on.

It’s times like these where I’d trade her for a half pack of cigarettes and I don’t even smoke. The feeling is fleeting when those crystal blue eyes meet mine and her head brushes against my leg, once again adoring her master in arms. She’s too good to be true and she’s all mine, even though I’m not a huge cat person. I have her, she has me, and we have each other, whatever any of that means.

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