“In Her Castle.”

In her castle she walks alone.
Like a princess in a tower.
In control but of nothing.
And with ease she stays away.
I saw her smile yesterday
Through the veil behind her window.
Though maybe I’ve lost my mind.
In keeping up with the likes of her.
She keeps her furnace lit
And tosses in memories that make her feel.
Inside the flames to be removed.
She will deny you like she did me.

In her castle she lives to die.
Her perfect shell, shelved and off limits.
Yesterdays hurt is todays agenda.
On repeat, in a loop.
Choking away present truths
And a lifetime of gifts at your feet.
Just open your eyes, simply see.
But the formula won’t allow it.
How I wished myself inside your bubble.
With you at the centre of your world.
All the ghosts and past mistakes
Equates who we are. Alone and together.

In her castle she withers slow.
Soon there won’t be anyone to find her.
In her beauty, so much magic
And in her magic, anesthesia.
One must walk a line to survive.
But it’s part of her waltz, premeditated.
I took large bites and begged for more.
I ate what she offered for days, for months.
But there was no Oz behind the curtain
Because the curtain was a wall.
A thick, unpermeated wall inside her castle.
And none of us were allowed to breach.

In her castle the silence echoes triumphant.
A victory cry where the winner took all.
Except what she took was our kindness
And our compassion complete.
See me, touch me. I am man.
Broken yet moved. Interest unending.
This is how it is for a reason.
Embrace it and cast the stalling aside.
Try me. Reply me. Die to me. And I to you.
To the governess of your life.
All control is not lost. There is no cost.
Stand in the window and be exposed.

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