Empty Your Mind.

The day is hot and you’ve got your swim suit on. You’re lying in a boat or a dinghy or any kind of flotation device without a care in the world. You’re anchored to some degree so you needn’t focus on a thing. Your feet and hands dangle in the cold water and you couldn’t be more at peace. A slight breeze takes the sting of the dry heat away. Close your eyes and be in that moment, for as long as you can.

The evening is cool and rain is coming down hard. Your better half/best friend/confidante/lover/favorite person/your personal knucklehead is lying beside you, facing you. You are holding a sheet over your heads and the candles flicker against the sheet and walls. Without saying anything you both break out into crying laughter about something only the both of you remembered from earlier that day. Thunder echoes outside as you wipe each others tears and try to stop laughing. Maybe the first time you feel you’re truly in love or maybe the thousandth time. There is no place you’d rather be. It’s impossible to love more or be loved more in that exact moment. Close your eyes and remain there for as long as you can.

Your vacation is booked, all is in order and you’re stepping onto your airplane that will take you far from where you are right now. You’re landing and the foreign humidity hits you like a wave as soon as you step off the plane. Someone offers you an ice cold beverage. You’re at your resort and you venture down to the beach. The greatest live painting is all around you and you soak as much of it in as humanly possible. Feel the hot sand between your toes. The cold water over your feet. Close your eyes and dream that dream in all its vivid colors and temperatures.

You’re alone and have time to create. You sit behind the drum kit and lose yourself in that beat. Your foot pushing the kick pedal, your hands criss crossed on the snare and the high hat. Screw the neighbors. Play as hard and as long as you can. Or sit with that guitar across your lap. Even though ample time has passed it’s all still right there. Fingering the notes and picking the chords. Strumming the familiar or creating something fresh out of thin air, there is nothing better. Close your eyes and make those moments last as long as you can.

In these fleeting moments of passion and peace we are able to drop unneccessary baggage and recharge our dwindling batteries at the same time. Unload and top up but with the good stuff. The stuff we have infinite room and desire for. Unbusy yourself. Don’t hesitate.

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