Dead Bdays, Fake News and Covid Protocol.

I want to talk about pet peeves and this isn’t referencing people being late or cheesy things people say like ASAP. These are current peeves that everybody knows about and I just wanna have rant (girls just wanna have fun?). This will be fun, trust me.

One peeve that drives me up the wall (and maybe I’m the only one) is social media’s obsession with commemorating birthdays of people beyond the grave. Dead folk, to the layperson. What could be sillier than saying Happy Birthday to someone that died X amount of years ago? Literally nothing.

For example the beloved drug addict grunge legend Kurt Cobain’s “birthday” was the other week. What’s to celebrate? A drug addict that shot himself in the head who would have been X years old today? Raise a glass, folks. Happy birthday, Kurtis. In hell, to boot.

Another thing that’s more than a pet peeve, it’s downright terrifying if you think about it is the news today. Once upon a time it was legit people giving us legit facts about our world around us. It wasn’t biased and from what we all could tell it was the truth. Nowadays it’s horse spit with a hefty side order of liberal bias.

It started before covid but I feel like the repetitious lies Global, for example, has spewed has numbed us more so even than disgusting us. Any racial divide piece they do should be enough to make us all unfollow them yet we don’t. Besides the sickening political garbage packaged and delivered to us daily, the scary thing is what are we supposed to believe? A piece on a school shooting? I guarantee they’ve twisted it to fit their narrative. None of it is to be believed. In fact, they should be destroyed from the inside out and maybe one day that will happen.

Okay, maybe this isn’t the fluff piece my brain let on it was going to be. And I apologize. No, I don’t. I’m enjoying this and hoping you are, too.

Two more words: covid protocol. Seems like the greater number of peeps are completely over it, now over one year later. The face thongs. The lockdown circuit breaker flattening the perv roller coaster bs. And now the variants, forcing us back the stage one of yet another ongoing “lockdown”. Eff this.

We have to live with this thing, not run from it every time a number goes up. Why doesn’t anyone in government grasp this?? And stop with the testing! Everybody will need years of therapy when this is done. We’re all pushed into a corner mentally and held there George Floyd style in a sick state of eternal covid purgatory. Enough.

If it’s not dead people’s birthdays it’s dead people’s death days commemorated. My eyes roll before I even see the latest “news” story. And I want to put the barrel of a gun in my mouth any reference now to covid 19. Unfortunately this is our world and it isn’t getting any better. But hey, look on the bright side. Keep looking. I know there’s nothing but keep looking.

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