It’s taken ten days to get here but I feel like the worst of this surgery healing is behind me. May be a bit preemptive but all signs point towards vast improvement. I’m not swallowing without cringing nor am I not dreading the wee hours of the night yet things just seem.. better.

I think today’s menu did a lot for me in the sense of self-confidence. I finally tried scrambled eggs and I friggin’ nailed it. When lunch came around I was like I’m having eggs, again. Yet different. This time boiled, chopped then tossed in some mayo and bada bing: eggcelent salad. I mean it’s not like I ate pizza or a steak but this is definite gateway food.

I almost psyched myself out of supper. I figured eggs, check. Glorified baby food! But what about a nice, cold California Roll? My mind was already blown from the egg preparations. All this flavor and texture that I used to take for granted now flooding and satiating me like a mutha. But sushi? Down the hatch. So good. So darn good.

And the thing is I was actually full for the first time in 11 days. Even though I’ve dropped 23 lbs (and counting!) I felt like a bloated fatty after consuming 5 pieces of sushi and about a cup of soup broth. Gone are the days of 6 pieces of pizza and a couple of Pepsi’s. Albeit this minimalist appetite is fleeting but what a difference in how I used to treat my body.

I need to reintroduce vegetables and meats at some point. Maybe some toast or a sandwich. I’m giving heavy thought to a homeade lasagna on Friday with the return of my daughters. All those flavors and heavy mozzarella on my breath.. these are the things that I’m meditating on. Besides the simple act of waiting for healing, planning what to devour slowly next is all that’s on my mind.

This may be a menu in blogs clothing but what can I say? When you’re staring down the barrel of intense pain as the days progress one veers towards the tasty simplicity of what to eat next. Kids are good, no work for a while, bills are paid.. food is my only current concern. I may chew a bit slower and look ridiculous doing so but dangit some days it’s good to be alive.

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