Time Healeth All.

That title might be a tad pretentious. I’m entering a season where I’m noticing more than ever how the elapsing of time truly does heal. Does it heal all? Not necessarily but what it has blanketed I am grateful as all heck for.

To state the obvious, my literal healing post surgery is number one in my sights. Looking back at two and a half weeks ago I have come from the bowels of hell to now a sunny spot on a grassy hill. It’s a stark reminder that no matter where you’re at things will improve.

Secondarily, I had screwed up my credit a while back and had subsequently filed for bankruptcy. Wanting to rebuild my aforementioned credit I had applied for a new card and was declined. A bit of time goes by and after reapplying two days ago I am now qualified to begin the rebuilding process.

In another out of left field style turn of events someone very meaningful in my life who was somewhat out of my life has returned. It’s a worthy mention in not only adding to the list but it also gives a guy hope. A broken relationship often doesn’t require effort to fix. Time can only do so.

I didn’t do anything to make these events happen. Besides my physical healing I didn’t even pray about them. Life goes on and although important on some levels, things just fly out of vision. And while out of vision they aren’t necessarily just sitting in obscurity. In many circumstances there is healing taking place and these events begin to evolve and grow into something better and then it returns to you. Kind of a cool phenomenon when one breaks it down if you ask me.

This all gives me hope that things are happening and healing in other almost forgotten facets of my life. The sentiment “who knows what tomorrow brings” has never been more prevalent. Passing time won’t bring back the dead but it sure can assert wonderful reunions amongst the living. And for this I am grateful.

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