Nothing To See Here.

I keep thinking I need to post a blog but at the moment I really have nothing to say. I could wax intellectual by waxing idiotic and ultimately it would end up just being words on a smart phone. Reading about nothing could be worse. There could be nothing to read at all.

Usually when I don’t have anything to say I don’t say anything at all. Today is different though. I reckon that if my life is currently that boring then there needs to be some sort of documentation commemorating it. This seems logical even though logic went out the window eight or so sentences ago.

Seinfeld based his entire sitcom around the premise of nothing and look what happened with that. Obviously the notion of nothing happening is an oxymoron. Actually it’s more of a paradox than anything. Even if the idea is to purvey that not a single thing is happening, or in my case not a single thing is being said, it is all fairly preposterous. There’s always something going on.

So what am I saying? What point am I trying to get across or am I trying at all? All very stupid questions when I specifically said I have nothing to say. I feel like I’m not even hearing myself and that’s just plain insanity. These blogs are therapy for me and if anyone else can get something from them then the circle is complete. What I’m getting at is hopefully you are hearing me at least where I might not be.

Still with me? I lost myself before I even started this posting if I’m being honest. And if I’m being untruthful I guess deep down I really am communicating a relatively crystal clear point here. Through the nothingness there lies an abundance of lessons I am unwilling to reveal to you. This, my friends, is the heart of this post. The bulls eye, if you must.

And there you have it. A blog about nothing. I’m really glad to have sorted this out as the words sort of fell out of my fully functioning frontal lobe. Maybe a lower level of functionality than you are accustomed to but I digress. An exercise in senility, if nothing else. And it was fun.

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