“Bloodstained Hands”.

Please excuse me while I kill you.
Threads of brain with shreds of sinews.
Devestating lies continued.
Til this silence swam within you.
Left alone to my devices.
We find ourselves amidst this crisis.
Shattered skull is what the price is.
Without tomorrow today is priceless.

Bide my time unto the grave.
Your inner self I couldn’t save.
By my mistakes this road is paved.
To bloodstained hands I am a slave.
I’ve tried my damndest and I’ve failed.
Dwell in the dungeon where I’m jailed.
Seldom glimpse beyond the veil.
Where’s my heaven? This is hell.

Gutted and empty, the rug has been pulled.
With fistfuls of anger my life’s been annulled.
The system has failed me, 100% bull.
No shield can protect you, you’re worthless and null.
I’ll slice and I’ll slash and I’ll carve you up nice.
The blade will move fast on the canvas I dice.
Perforations and punctures not once and not twice.
But repeatedly gory, the sum of what price?

To this seat I am banished.
Everyone has but vanished.
Nothing good has been lavished.
All I’ve known will be ravaged.
I alone to myself and myself deep inside.
To recoil, to retract, on this day I must hide.
With my sins ’round my neck and my joy is denied.
I have lived and I’ve died, there’s no more to decide.

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