Change And Dollar Bills.

It’s been a nutty few days in the life of this guy, I can’t help but document at least some of it. Ever been accused of having a bad attitude, walk away from employment because you can’t respect new management, only to land a way better job within 24 hours? I didn’t think so. But I’ll give you one guess who did?

This year is definitely climbing the charts for seasons of change for the big guy. And by change I mean monumental life enhancing shifts in ones day to day reality. No, this isn’t small potatoes that I’m referring to. These are massive, bus size potatoes on steroids for a better frame of reference. Try and mash that.

For the sake of a new reader let’s quickly do the list. 1) Sleep Apnea corrective surgery which will add years to my life and has allowed me to lose 20 lbs. 2) Sobriety finally found me or I found it nearly 10 weeks ago and I haven’t looked back. 3) Switched careers on a dime and am loving this new opportunity.

These are the improvements to my life of which I speak, and all in a short period of time. All of which I made happen, NOT things that happened to me. I stress that as this is what I strive for and have fallen short many times before.

I don’t want to jinx anything but life keeps getting better and better. My daughters have surpassed a full year now without any real physical struggles on top of everything. There isn’t that daily stress nagging at me and that dreaded hospital incarceration going down. Everybody is on the up ‘n up in this household and I give thanks practically hourly.

There is definitely work to be done. One can’t just coast into such healthy and good moments as these willy nilly. I have more weight to drop and I will require razor focus in learning and excelling in this new position. Another short term goal is to build my readership like never before as the real goal is to be exempt from the 9 to 5 four walled routine. There is much to consider and so much to fall into place.

These next few days, though not completely on my haunches, will be some classic summer days. Outdoor pools, slurpees and the good ol’ Stampede sounds about right. Amidst the fun in the now smoky sun I will decompress and let go the negative energy from the recent past and welcome the positivity of what’s ahead. Times can’t always be this good but for now I welcome them with the most open of arms.

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