In compiling all of my past poetry entries from this blog for submission to publishers I’m realizing how important it is for a writer to have a muse. This is the cornerstone of any genre of the written word whether a novel, a tv series, poetry, films and even lyrics to most every song ever written.

Possibly contrary to popular belief, writing is not done willy nilly. To write you must have a reason. This is gospel and it is unavoidable. This is what connects you, the reader. If the piece is without a soul it’s noticeable, or it darn well should be.

I haven’t had many muses but when I have connection to someone they have the potential to become one. There’s a reason lyrics and prose of heart break are everywhere. When there is loss, hurt, tampered love and pain this muse becomes an even greater inspiration for one to pour out their beating heart onto paper. Basically there is much to say when you feel separated from the only thing you want to have and hold.

To be infused with someone when life is rainbows and summer skies there can definitely be inspiration there. The muse connection is still full and vibrant but there are no depths to plumb. There are heights to wax poetic on and decent stuff can give birth here, this is fact.

Not to sound like a downer but most of us don’t identify with the sentiment of ongoing bliss. Barefoot excursions through lilies during a July sunset can be fantastic but in the morning that dread returns. Work calls and stress seeps in and the emptiness beckons your name. Okay, this is veering into darker territories than I intended with this brain child. Allow me to pull back the reins, at least enough to find ourselves back on neutral ground.

To be without a muse is to die. Luckily a person can drum up memories from the past and riff off of various sub-texts of old muses. Like assembling a puzzle, or having a road map.. it’s critical to see the big picture. Without that picture embedded in your mind there should be nothing, at least important, to say.

So, in a sense, thank you, muses of the past. Ungrateful for the tears, the longing and the unrequited love but I am grateful for all the deep and colorful inspiration you have provided me with. As a conduit to this craft, I take a knee.

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  1. 🖤 Cheers to Calliope.🖤

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