Then Covid Moved In.

Well, after working on the “front lines” and going about my business throughout the past 18 or so months of this pandemic and now I test positive, fully vaxxed and all. That’s right. I have covid-19 or probably more accurate the delta variant. My immune compromised daughters have it, too. And as mild as it is, it is a bitch.

It started 6 days ago with Lindsey. She woke up with a barking cough. It was worse than normal so I knew something was up. Later that day a little elf told me there was a positive case at a wedding we attended 2 days prior. Crap, I thought. This can’t be that. We’re too cool for it.

Lexis fell prey the next morning. I sailed the open skies for another 3 days then whammo, it crept up inside of me and fast. The day after we all got tested and this morning at 5:19am I got the text confirming my nervous inclination.

So much for starting my new job this week. So much for having any taste or smell, or feeling good in the least. I’m watching my girls like a hawk, temping them around the clock and monitoring breathing and so far without alarm.

But possibly the worst part is the sense of being held captive in my own home during this 10 day (now 9) quarantine. No trips to the store or gym. I can’t even go for walks. We are, however, allowed on our front and back lawns. Makes up for everything else, right?

I guess I’m grateful we did receive the double jab considering this could be a whole lot worse. And the fact that we can all quarantine together is a definite bonus. Another little blessing is the ability to be paid while unable to work. I’ll take any stress relievers at this point.

So I guess through all this, even though it seemed like kind of a joke for many, many months there, it is still alive and ready to enter you around any corner you may find yourself. Yay for no more masks and the ability for human contact but that handshake or hug could set you back immensely. The bs is real.

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