In Poor Taste.

It’s so crazy how without scent there is no taste. As a kid I’d plug my nose when eating something revolting so this phenomenon is learnt at an early age. But the mechanics of it definitely astounds me during a time like this where it’s so long term and without touching my nose. I hate it and why shouldn’t I?

I think it’s fair to say that I haven’t lost my sense of taste, only my sense of smell. I can’t smell a thing and therefore can’t taste anything or so I’ve been telling people but I think that’s only half true. In eating pineapple or consuming juice, I can feel the acidity on my tongue. In taking a mouthful of Pepsi I can feel that slight burn. In eating meat thoroughly spiced I can feel it dancing in my mouth.

But can I fully taste my food? Not at all. Like previously stated I might as well be eating a bowl of brussel sprouts at each meal. Everything is bland. The difference, besides my eyes confiding to my brain, is that my taste buds are not fried. They are not out of commission the way my nasal passages are. I can taste things just fine if it wasn’t for my dang nose being sidelined.

This is my conundrum and my daughters’ too. If I inhale something deeply enough, I can pull off a whiff or I believe I can. I’ve noticed this with certain tea bags and lavender Epsom salts. Things that typically pack a punch are the items that I can barely smell.

I don’t miss odors of the bathroom. I can’t say I’ve been yearning for that blast of b.o. The scary part is in cooking meat. I have no way of knowing it hasn’t gone bad though what are the odds. I also am only going by memory on how much to season said item. I guess the spicier the better in this scenario, as though a way of kickstarting our senses around here. It’s common scents. Was that in poor taste?

I miss the smell of warm, fresh cookies wafting from the kitchen. The scents in a shower. A womans perfume. A hot cup of cocoa. And everything else pleasing to the palate. With a hefty degree a patience I wait, all the while I continue to consume that which I am accustom to. Maybe one day soon I’ll be savoring these tastes yet again.

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